Columbus, Ohio: June 21, 2011 was a very auspicious day for the Jain center of Central Ohio for ground breaking ceremony for building its own temple.
Jain Center of Central Ohio (JCOCO) is a small and vibrant Jain community of Columbus- Central Ohio which was founded in 1991. Since its beginning it has desire to build its own temple. Now it’s a dream come true.
The temple would be completed within next twelve month. This will be a traditional temple with a built in area of about 7600 square feet with mool nayak moorti of Adinath Bhagwaan, Parswanath Bhagwaan (both Swetembar ) and Mahavira Swami Bhagwaan as Digamber moorti. There will be an Upasra where people can perform samayika, meditation, etc, library, and a class rooms for adult and children religious classes; a large multi purpose room including dining area is also in our plan. Jain Sangh is very united and committed to work together for the betterment of Jain community as a whole.
At this time center has received total pledge of over $750,000 from about 49 families. The budget for temple is about $1,900,000 (including land worth $300,000 which has been paid in full), therefore a gap of about $850,000. The center is on its way to fulfill its objective; however online casino we need your whole hearted  support for fund and appealing to  our Jain fraternity brothers and sisters to support in any which way.
Jain Sangh is planning to have Pratistha in July, 2012. If you have any question or comments be sure to communicate with Dr. Tansukh Salgia at