February 23, 2012

Dear Members & Friends of IACO:

The United States is rapidly becoming the most religiously diverse nation in the world. Examples of the need for all of us to be peacemakers are in the news every day. Given the current divisions over ideologies, class, religion and economics, we want to do our part through IACO and invite you to join us in making our community and world a more peaceful and just place for all.

We are writing today about the 2012 annual fund raising (membership / contribution) campaign. We encourage you to renew your membership to IACO and enjoy the benefits of membership. Your contribution will help us continue to achieve many wonderful and important accomplishments.

With the appropriate financial footing, we can do even more than in the past. Our goal is modest. While we are mindful of the economic challenges in our country, we are equally mindful of the need for organizations like IACO to speak out definitely but with compassion against issues that do not advance the course of peace. Therefore, our participation goal is for 100% from existing members and supporters, and a 50% increase in membership. The hope is that this will translate to more than $50,000.

Membership remains at $20 per person but a contribution of $100 or more will be greatly appreciated. The 2012 Contribution Form is appended. Kindly mail the completed form with your contribution or complete the membership form and make payments on line at www.iaco.org.

We look forward to your membership contribution and additional support as you deem appropriate. Let’s ensure the future of IACO and its work together. Warmly,


President: Dr. Tarunjit S. Butalia (Sikh)
Vice-President: Dr. John Kashubeck (Muslim)
Secretary: Derek Heyman (Buddhist)
Treasurer: Satya Patnaik (Hindu)


2012 IACO Contribution Form

Street Address _______________________City________State____Zip____
Telephone number(s)   Home_________________Work_________________
E-mail address ___________________________Faith tradition___________
Enclosed Contribution:    $100 _____   $50 _____   $20 ____   Other ______
(First $20 per person will be applied towards your annual membership dues)
Request for information / other comments _____________________________
Please make your check payable to Interfaith Association of Central Ohio or pay online at www.iaco.org. Mail completed form to:
Interfaith Association of Central Ohio
57 Jefferson Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215