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Interfaith Forum Rules

The purpose of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio is to educate, communicate and to provide a platform for discussion between the faiths.

  • Have civil conversations. You are encouraged to start and participate in discussions and to provide information and comments that add value and understanding to the discussion. This forum is not a place for warring or trolling. Any offenders will be banned and their IP address will be blocked after fair warning to desist. Keep every communication thoughtful, mindful of consequence and made with the best interest of all in mind.
  • Discover and discuss events and special efforts planned by IACO. You can find out what we’re up to and how you can help by attending events and volunteering. Check out our calendar and contact page.

As an organization, IACO members use their social media profiles to:

  • To encourage appropriate conversations between the various faith traditions
  • To provide a platform for a civil dialogue between the faith traditions about relevant issues
  • To promote the activities of IACO, especially educational programs and events
  • To encourage community involvement and membership growth to provide continuance for IACO programs and efforts

Legal Guidelines

  • Privacy must be respected, as online activities are very public. Don’t post or provide information to be posted that is not intended to be seen and broadcast internationally.
  • When quoting or referring to external (to the IACO sites or accounts) sources of information, full disclosure must be provided and credit to authors, when applicable. Copyright laws must be strictly obeyed.
  • Each individual and organization participating with generating online content (articles, providing links and information, syndicated content and including comments anonymous or otherwise).
  • The name, logo or other representation of IACO cannot be used to endorse any political person or organization, product or cause.
  • No accounts, sites or subgroups of other sites can be made using the IACO name or logo without previously having received permission from the IACO Executive Committee.
  • Mutual linking to external sites is encouraged, as this raises the sites and content involved in search engine listings. Wherever possible and appropriate, IACO affiliation is encouraged to be mentioned for the same reason.


This website contains material submitted and created by third parties. IACO excludes all liability for any illegality arising from or error, omission or inaccuracy in such material. IACO does not endorse any comment, platform, media or third-party links posted to this site.

Additional Information

Remember that nothing is truly anonymous online, even when posted as ‘anonymous’. We have made the effort that is within our capability to secure this site and its contents. Take precautions on your end and take a moment to truly consider the wisdom of your words before posting.